We use standard US sizing. Please see the table below to determine your size.

US UK French/German Italian Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm)
4 H½ 47.5 7.5 15.1 47.44
5 J½ 50 10 15.9 49.95
6 L½ 52.5 12.5 16.7 52.46
7 N½ 55 15 17.5 54.98
8 P½ 57.25 17.25 18.3 57.49
9 R½ 60 20 19.1 60.00
10 T½ 62.5 22.5 19.9 62.52
11 V½ 65 25 20.7 65.03


 How to measure ring size:

  1. Get a piece of string or cut up a thin strip of paper and wrap it around your finger firmly. Make sure the string/paper sits how you would want the ring to fit so should not be too loose and not extremely tight either.
  2. Mark the string or paper to obtain the circumference in millimetres (mm)
  3. Lay the string or paper down against a ruler to measure the circumference in millimetres (mm)
  4. Using the table provided above to locate your Circumference against the US sizing column [We use standard US sizing]. We recommend choosing the ring size that is closest to your measured circumference if you are in-between sizes.


If you have an existing ring:

Alternatively, please measure the internal diameter of your current ring and use the size chart above to reference against the US sizing [We use standard US sizing].


Good to know:

  • Please measure your finger when they are warm (room temperature) as cold finger will measure smaller.
  • Average ring size for women is US 6-7
  • If you are unsure, we would advise you purchase a ring sizer [Amazon UK] to measure your finger before making an order.