We are a generation of living fast, with no time to take a breath. A Perdifiato is for those who are too busy living life but want to live luxuriously every day.

We believe anyone can look and feel like a million dollars, without having to spend it.

W E   A R E  B R E A T H L E S S


A Perdifiato aims to be your go-to location - for a husband, father, lover, daughter or simply for a lady who likes to treat herself. We want to make diamonds affordable for everyone with jewellery accessible to all. Given with love.

We believe it is important to experience real luxury without feeling daunted by price tags. Everyone deserves to experience the joy of wearing stunning stones.


At A Perdifiato, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact by sourcing responsibly. In order to reduce unethical mining, we use gold vermeil, for an eco conscious addition to your jewellery collection. Vermeil is created by coating sterling silver in a layer of polished gold to give you the same shine and colour as pure gold.

Cultured Diamonds are created in highly controlled laboratory environments to mimic the conditions in which diamonds naturally form underground. They grow in varying sizes, colours and clarity which are then cut and polished to the same quality and durability as natural diamonds. This process lessens the need for unethical mining, and therefore reduces environmental damage and the risk of conflict that comes with naturally sourcing.